While we do have a more relaxed stance on most topics, we nonetheless have to have a ruleset for our community. With playing on our servers, you agree to the following rules, especially the addendums for the specific server you are playing on.

Every rule first has the general rule and possible punishments for breaking it, if any, then you see server specific modifications or additions. On servers with no addendums, the general rule applies fully.


We generally speak English, and in every general chat it is mandated.

ARMA 3 – Radio channels are English only, except squad frequencies if everyone in the squad is in agreement; local voice is not affected by this rule in general.


To play on any of our servers you have to be at least 16 years old, but for each specific game the age rating in your resident country overrides this general limit, if you have to be older than 16. If we find out you are younger than the minimum age in a specific game this will be met with a temporary ban.

Toxic behavior

We do have a relaxed stance on this topic and generally do not mind insulting / trash talking each other.

However, if anyone asks you to stop, you stop, period. Also, read the room and know the person, not everyone reacts the same.

Punishment starts with a chat ban where applicable and gets escalated from there.


We do have a zero-tolerance-policy for actively cheating on our servers. Every offence will be met with a ban, no matter the nature of the cheat.

In addition, all available anti-cheat-measures will be enabled at all times. If an anti-cheat ban prevents you from joining our servers, there is nothing we can or will do about it, however no additional ban will be imposed.

With that said, people with a past history of cheating need to expect to be monitored more closely (however, we will consider for example a one-time VAC-ban for level hacking 10 years ago less severe than a BattlEye-ban for wallhacking from 2 months ago). New bans that occur after joining our servers for the first time might be met with a ban of our own, depending on the reason for that ban.


All listed punishments are to be understood as a guideline, ScavvyBois staff is free to adjust the exact punishment where applicable, within reason.

Additionally, all punishments are against an individual.

Circumvention of punishments

Every attempt to circumvent any punishment imposed by our staff is grounds for a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to, secondary accounts, technical manipulation, identity forging etc.

Appealing a ban

If you have been handed a punishment, you can appeal it by contacting the staff member who banned you via Discord.

This message needs to include your ingame name, what server you were playing on, reason for the punishment and why you think it is unjust.

You can also appeal a permanent ban that way, however at the earliest after one year, if it was deemed fair.

Everything else

Listen to what the staff says.

If something is not covered by this ruleset, but we deem it a punishable offense we will act on it, however provide reasons for our decision and generally be more lenient.

In short, do not be an asshole and you will be fine.

These rules are subject to change without notice.

Last modification: 23/01/2023 – Version 2